When Is a Pair of Magic Knickers Truly Magic?

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Support underwear had become a staple in women’s wardrobes. Any sensible girl with wobbly bits knows that struggling into a stamp sized piece of elastic will arrest the quivering of flab and allow her to wear that just-too-tight dress with confidence. But when is a pair of magic knickers truly magic?

Not to blow our trumpet too loudly, we were the first brand to create and give you Magic Knickers. With our no-nonsense approach to the female form behind this range, they flew off the shelves. Whilst our original Magic knickers were made for women by two women who could emphasise and genuinely wanted to help lessen women’s low self-worth, the Big Boys had Big Bucks in mind and suddenly the market was awash with impersonators. Some were a lot cheaper, but less effective, others were manufactured under the umbrella of an already rusted brand and one range headed by a gay man who had no clue what it was like to have curves, let alone the utter despondency a little added weight could make a woman feel.

We are proud to have been the foremothers of support underwear and happy that they are available for every budget. But isn’t it the case now the market has become so diluted that many of us just think that any old pair will do the job in the same way that jeans are jeans; a white shirt is a white shirt? As we know only too well not one size fits all, and this is the case with our range of magic pants.

A decade ago, we teamed up with Cette, a small but diamond-cut Belgian manufacturer who loved our belief that all women deserve to make the best of themselves. Over the years our support range has evolved both in size and scientifically. We have short pants, long pants, tights, over the shoulder pants, thongs, slips – all design to perfect the imperfections of a woman’s body. The first pair we brought out was rough to touch with seams that could be seen under sheer fabrics. They weren’t the prettiest of things, nor the most comfortable but they WORKED. Suddenly there was this miracle garment that made us feel like we had spent hours in the gym to give us the toned bum, tum and butt that we longed for.

As all our long term fans of the product know, the Trinny & Susannah range has got better and better. Cette invented a loom that gave us seam free knickers that are woven in one piece. The tension increased without added discomfort. Just when we thought they could not be improved further, Cette has devised a smart fibre that is ultra thin, breathable, extra comfortable and stretchy but with a string shaping ability. It is cool to wear and breathable.

With our new generation of seamless shape wear, we are once again the leaders in this crowded market and I have been testing them.

In all honesty in the past, we have not had to rely on shape wear on a daily basis. Most definitely for glamorous events and squeezing into that dress that won’t quite zip up but not for every day occasions. But age does funny things to a woman’s body. Both in the throws pre and full-blown menopause our bodies are not behaving, as we would like them to. I used to stuff my face with whatever I liked and a run or trip to the gym would rid my body of the 3 bars of chocolate and packet of crisps. Now exercise seems to have no impact at all. I appear to be gaining a pound in weight every time I mount the scales.

Six months ago I stopped drinking. I thought the weight would fall off. It hasn’t and doesn’t. For the first time in my life the word DIET has entered my thoughts, and yes, to stay healthy and to stop the ever-increasing size of my stomach, I am TRYING to be good. But as you know this takes time and in my case, immense will power. Meanwhile, its back to my knicker drawer and thanks to our new super powered, extraordinarily comfortable and better looking Magic Knickers I feel good about myself. In fact, when I have got them on I feel fantastic! When I put on the Super Slim High Waister my body returns to its pre menopausal size and shape. Don’t get me wrong, I have great fondness for our old Magic friends but our new ones are in a different league. People are telling me I have lost weight and asking how I did it. Do I tell them….HELL NO! This is my secret and now yours.

Susannah x


You can get your own pair of Trinny & Susannah Original Magic Knickers here


  • Reply February 16, 2015

    Sandra E

    Hi Trinny and Susannah!

    My and my mom have watched you on TV for many many years! You are just so wonderful and inspirational to watch! Enjoy every bit of it. Is it possible to meet you guys? I am 23 and very confused about what to wear and how to combine things to look good. I would like to have a much better confidence and dress really beautiful and chic. I want to be able to enter a room or walk on the street and think, wow, I look so good! This may sound silly… But I would love to have your help. I am 1.70 m tall and skinny, small boobs.

    Wish you all the best! Keep on doing awesome TV shows. Loved the ones you did earlier, when you had a bunch of people and went shopping with them. And more explaining what is good for each shape!

    Best regards

  • Reply April 10, 2015


    Hello Trinny & Susannah. Any chance you will be marketing your magic knickers in the USA?

  • Reply October 22, 2015


    errrrm, why do you feel the need to slant other stylists’ designer creations on shape wear and why bring sexuality into it?? The man I think you are referring to, is a great stylist, having watched many of his makeover shows, proves his deep understanding of women’s body issues and how to solve them, his results never fail to be mind blowing, exceeding the attempts of many others.
    I haven’t tried your shape wear but own a few of his and they are fabulous!

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