What We are Wearing Today – to Milk the Cows!

After a fabulous – if exhausting – reception for 300 lovely people at the British Embassy (thank you Mr Ambassador) we are up again at 5am and whisked off to a Kibbutz in Northern Israel called Ein Hamifratz. Here we swapped out limo for the latest in farm transportation – a steel basket on the front of a tractor!

On the Kibbutz they have two looks – work and Shabbat, both involve a t-shirt. We decided to shake things up by demonstrating possibly the most inappropriate cow milking outfits ever.

trinny and susannah milking cows

Trinny wears a navy backless dress by Acne (very fetching) with leopard-print platforms by Stella McCartney, whilst Susannah opts for a fitted oyster and acid yellow dress by Mary Portas and a pair of vintage sling-backs. At least we had the sense to borrow some wellie boots!

Please share your most inappropriate outfits.

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