What We are Wearing Today – in Jerusalem

Trinny and Susannah what we wore Jerusalem 131016After visits from two doctors, a vitamin B12 shot and some other most mysterious potion, Susannah is back on her feet and looking amazing!

Today we are in Jerusalem meeting an orthodox brother and sister who are crying out for sartorial help. She is engaged to be married soon. Whilst they both want to respect their religion they are so tired of the conservative clothing and they just want to be a bit more cool. This could be tricky, so we put on some crack makeover queen outfits ourselves, just to get us in the mood.

Susannah is wearing a green dress by Ba&sh with a gorgeous pair of gold sandals by Alaïa that Trinny gave her for her birthday. Trinny has just bought this poppy red floral jacket from DSquared2  (don’t fashion brand names just get sillier and sillier?) and she’s wearing it with a top and trousers from Zara and chic sunglasses by Dior. Trinny’s Stella McCartney leopard print platforms and Pierre Hardy clutch are pretty much permanent fixtures at the moment – but that’s because they seem to look fabulous with everything.

What did you wear today? Please share!



  • Reply October 22, 2013


    Black capris and leopard flats. Have to admit that I felt a bit too short all day. Should short people ever wear flats when not working out?

    • Reply October 22, 2013


      We would never ban anyone from wearing flat shoes! But how flattering they are depends on the length of your legs IN PROPORTION TO YOUR BODY. You might be a small Vase, Cornet, Column or Goblet shape which means that, despite being of small stature, your legs are proportionately long – in which case, wear any flat shoes you fancy. If, however, your legs are proportionally short, stick to flat shoes that are low cut, or sling backs. These styles will help to elongate the look of your legs. x

  • Reply October 30, 2015


    dying to see this episode where can I watch it?

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