How to Wear Peach – and Make it Work

Peach Trinny and SusannahPeach is an incredibly difficult colour. It looks great on blondes with peachy complexions and, done with care, can also look good on very white skin with black hair. But on darker skins from olive to black, peach is a killer – very washing out. So, with her sallow  skin and light brown hair, Trinny has always avoided peach.

But right now, peach is splashed all over our high streets. Trinny decided that, for the purposes of research, she would try to make it work. Trinny says: “The right make up helps; either go for a dusting of bronzing powder with a nude lip or go for an apricot blush to warm up the cheeks. Dab some on the lips to match then add a gloss or lip balm to make them luscious.”

For a fabulously fresh, summery look, team peach with white. If peach is not your colour keep it say from your face and wear white on your top half. And don’t be afraid to experiment with something left-field like the iridescent sequinned jacket that Trinny has picked here.

Here are some looks from the wardrobe, going clockwise:
With COS peach and white pleated top
Add a French Connection sequinned jacket
White sleeveless COS top with a jacket by Chloé
White sleeveless COS top with white Zara gilet

Feeling inspired? Here are some pieces we’ve chosen to help you overcome your fear of peach:


  • Reply June 26, 2014

    Suzanne thorough good

    Have been looking for what’s best to wear with brown?
    I love trinity and Susannah but don’t see much of them anymore.
    Would love a makeover if they get back to Australia.
    Hope Trinny & Susannah are both doing well.

    • Reply June 27, 2014

      Trinny and Susannah

      Hi Suzanne,

      In winter brown can look great with black. But there are so many shades and tones of brown… What works best will depend on the tone. There is a great section about creating colour palettes (including brown) in our book ‘What You Wear Can Save Your Life‘. x

  • Reply August 15, 2014

    Lynda Jane Purcell

    Hi Trinny and Susannah

    I’m a redhead and about to buy a citrine dress. I was just wondering – what colours would you think go well with citrine? I’m poring over your ‘What you Wear can Change your Life’ (worth buying for the section on colour ALONE – it has totally revamped my attitude to colour) but I’m not sure if the section on yellow also applies to citrine. Any tips?
    Thanks ladies.
    Lynda Jane

  • Reply August 22, 2014

    Marian Rothschild

    As a certified personal image consultant, I have found peach to be a terrifically flattering color on most people. In your photos you wore peach on the bottom and white on top. That combination is not flattering to many because those two colors together are very light, which is not flattering to anyone with a sallow complexion. A peach top looks lovely with a darker color on the bottom like camel, brown, or navy. The reason peach and coral are flattering is because we have some shade of those colors in our skin. Then, if you wear whatever color your hair is on the bottom, you’ve got a great balance. And in the human brain, balance equals beauty!

    • Reply August 23, 2014

      Suzanne thorough good

      Great advice. Thank you. Havn,t heard about wearing the same colour as your hair before.

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