How to Wear Pastels – 4 Ways With One Pair of Trousers

Pastel trousers looks - Trinny and SusannahThis season we are hearing our clothes described with words that we more often use at the ice-cream counter: pistachio; apricot; butterscotch; ice blue; mint and vanilla. Pastels are certainly ‘in’ right now but we are equally certain that we will hear hordes of women exclaim, ‘I don’t know how to wear this! I will stick to black, thank you.’

To inspire you, Trinny has bought a pair of lilac trousers (from J Crew) and styled them four different ways to create four different moods.

Going clockwise from top left:
Sweatshirts are not just for the gym. At 50 I find that a smarter sweatshirt (like this one from Zara) are a great way to feel that touch younger and more casual.

The unstructured relaxed shape of this soft yellow top (from Cos) works well with the structure of the trousers below. And who would have thought you could wear yellow with purple? It’s all about keeping the hues in the same tonal range.

Choosing a print that contains the same lilac as in the trousers (as in this silk shirt from Reiss) pulls the outfit together. The lilac doesn’t dominate the pattern so the effect is sophisticated.

Adding a brighter jacket (from Zara, last season), creates a mismatched trouser suit. Perfect for a lunchtime meeting.

p.s. I bought those shoes from Prada 12 years ago. They are such a versatile colour and shape they go with endless outfits – a great example of investment dressing!

Inspired? Here are some beautiful pastels to build your own heaven-sent look.


  • Reply May 20, 2014


    Love all outfits but…would also love to see garment options for hourglass shape!
    Big thanks from a Belgian fan!

  • Reply June 6, 2014


    The trousers look great on Trinny but I can’t see them suiting most people.

  • Reply June 6, 2014

    Brenda smith

    I would love to know where we can buy items of clothing by trinny and susananh please. Apart from QVC. Items I would have purchased are out of stock on QVC and wondered if they can be purchased elsewhere.

    Hopefully. Brenda smith

  • Reply June 6, 2014

    Paula McIntyre

    Hey Renee, just a thought: fashion that is ‘in’ does not suit everybody and the biggest mistake can be to wear it if it does not suit a persons colouring or shape. Sometimes it’s just better to stick to the tried and successful. We are a little behind in Oz and the ladies wearing leather just because it is ‘in’ are not dressing to their best assets. Have fun and at the end of the day wear what makes the best of your assets, camouflage the problem areas, and then you feel confident and will walk tall! 😉

  • Reply June 7, 2014


    Doesn’t the silhouette of these pants break all the rules to flatter what is supposed to be a short legged, big bummed figure (which in this case we know is really stick thin)? Pants for that figure were supposed to elongate the leg and balance the hips with more volume at the bottom.

  • Reply September 11, 2014


    I love that you keep trendy. I’m not saying names here, but there’re other famous ‘makeover’ stylists that just put everyone in the same box, with boring clothes.
    I like that you incorporate this elements. I want to wear flattering clothes but also look trendy :)

  • Reply October 23, 2014


    Great tips, thank you girls!l Love to know who cuts and colors your hair? Also could we have more detail on jewellry and accessories please? Party dressing too!!

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