Trousers for a Big Belly

Many, many women are afraid to wear trousers because they feel self-conscious about a big belly. We have spent years searching for trousers that will help disguise larger tummies in the nicest possible way (we’ve even gone so far as to make our own). Starting from the top, here are the principles to look for in trousers that will flatter.

The first thing to avoid is a tight, narrow or (heaven forfend!) drawstring waistband. These will merely cut into your belly, squeezing excess flesh into strangulated pillows above and below the band. Look for a broad, flat waistband that sits comfortably on your tummy or opt for no waistband at all.

Pleats or gathers on the front of your trousers don’t disguise a big belly beneath, they simply add volume to the area. Choose trousers that are completely flat-fronted. Zips create an extra protrusion that will show under any jersey tops. Far better to go for a near-invisible side zipper.

Moving down, trousers that go in under the tummy and cling to your legs only serve to exaggerate the rotundity of your middle. Wide-legged trousers are far more flattering – and comfortable!

Here are some flat-fronted trousers that you will love – and that will love you back!


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