Three Ways to Wear a Stripe


Last Thursday Trinny talked about stripes on This Morning.
The day before she trawled the High Street and thought OK, stripes are in fashion again…
So what’s new, how do we wear them now? How big can they be, and at what angle are they best for our bodies?

Trinny feels really happy doing This Morning because the viewers, who are the models on this show, epitomise where she feel happiest: showing women of all ages and body shape what to wear.


Liz, the septuagenarian in the group, is a very sprightly fashion conscious woman, and for her Trinny chose her favourite look for a woman of any age, “The simple Breton” (named after those French fisherman) striped  T-shirt. The key here is that the top should be round neck, and when we say round neck, we do not intend that slightly dodgy neckline sitting uncomfortably between a scoop and your collarbone, which can be very ageing for anyone over 60. The key to master this timeless classic way of dressing for her is in the detail. So the closer to Liz’s neck the t-shirt sits, the younger she looks.

The trousers (part of a suit from Zara) are slightly cropped, and if you are petite like Liz don’t be scared of the crop, it won’t make you shorter if you are all in one colour head to toe (apart from a stripe). The key is to match the sock and the shoe to the trouser colour to elongate your torso. Across the body Liz’s bag (Bershka) gives the trouser-suit a cooler edge, and has the added benefit of leaving both her hands free.
The finishing touch is the shoes. Brogues, when you are in your 70’s, are a big fat YES.  They give you two inches in height without being a heel, are smarter than a trainer, and make Liz’s granddaughter covert her footwear.


For Catherine, who wanted to find the perfect dress for her shape (curvy hourglass with a little saddlebag) the key is the placement of the stripe. Keep the fabric plain and darker over the areas you want to make smaller i.e. the saddlebag and bust, and go for the contrast at the waist to winch in. It doesn’t matter that the waist part is white on black, here you just need the contrast.
Finally  when can you go all out, and who can carry it off?


Laurie is wearing what looks at first glance like a dress, but is in fact two pieces, top from River Island and skirt from Zara. What’s great here is if you’re different size top and bottom, using a stripe combo and choosing the right accessories, you can appear to be wearing a perfectly fitting dress (and only you know the secret)
The look is bold, and Laurie can carry that off. Why? Well, the easiest way to work this out is when you are trying something on in the mirror, if you see the stripe before you see your face, you can’t wear it, if you see you before the stripe, then you can. Laurie has strong bone structure and fabulous full hair, and this combination allows her to be able to carry this look off with aplomb.
Using accessories to complete the look, the apricot belt takes the colour from the bottom stripe and brings the  outfit together.
If you have long legs like Laurie you can afford to have the stripe on the hem, if you have shorter legs avoid this, as it draws the eye down too much. Laurie has a great long knee to ankle ratio on her leg so she can afford to wear an ankle strap on this shoe, sometimes tricky to master below the calf length hem.
Trinny, as you can see in the image at the top, went for a subdued stripe combo from Zara. She liked the way the top incorporated a shirt, and breaks up the stripe, the white of the stipe is also faded so it doesn’t broaden my body.
For the show she accessorised with a diagonal strappy heel from Zara with a bare leg, but can equally wear it with socks and a flat brogue for a more casual look.
So, as you can see, everyone can wear a stripe. You just need to work out which is best for you, and then go for it!
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    I love all the variety of stripes you showed with these women here. I also love stripes for pattern mixing since, like polka dots, they’re considered a neutral so go with everything. Fun to have stripes in the closet!


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