Summer Time and the Fake Tan is Easy

tanned legs trinny and susannah

Summer promises to cast its blessings upon us sooooon. We dream of floaty dresses, white t-shirts, flip flops, bare legs… BARE LEGS. ‘Aaaaargh,’ we wail as we cast our eyes downwards to behold yards of hairy, blotchy, pallid flesh. And once again the fake tan dilemma rears its head.

You’ve probably been there. ‘I’ll just nip down to that new salon in town and get a spray tan to give me a bit of a lift’ – and 45 minutes later you emerge looking like a vintage leather suitcase. Or it creeps up on you imperceptibly. In her youth Trinny became a fake-tan addict. For her one fake tan was too many and a thousand not enough. She would peer into the mirror and think ‘I just need one more’. Gradually, over time, our Trin turned bright orange and she just couldn’t see it until a brave friend told her she’d been Tangoed!

And yet, in theory, we love the idea of looking instantly golden and healthy on the first sunny day. We are pleased to report that fake tan technology has advanced significantly since the 90’s. This week we tried an amazing new product. Tan Organic Self Tanning Oil is a dry (i.e. not greasy) body oil that contains a hint of tan.  It is unbelievably easy to apply and it doesn’t have that weird smell of burnt toast that we have noticed after many a fake tan application. After a couple of hours we just looked healthier and more alive. And it’s organic!

Fake tan tips:

  • Always exfoliate first. Pay particular attention to dry areas like knees, elbows and ankles.
  • After applying, remember to wipe your palms and between your fingers with a baby wipe.

Another great product is Green People SPF 15 with tan accelerator. It’s a non-greasy sunscreen that is perfect for everyday use around town but it also contains a tan accelerator that stimulates melanin production in the skin thus boosting the tanning process.

We are so impressed with these new generation tan boosters. They are easy to use and ideal for our everyday lives.

Have you ever had a fake tan disaster? Please tell us about it!

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