Small Boobs are Beautiful Boobs

Keira Knightley gold dress trinny and susannah

A surge in websites and Facebook groups like: Small Bust, Big Heart; Of Lambs and Lace and Small Boobs Rock just goes to show how the world is embracing our mantra of ‘love your body whatever shape you are’. Women are learning to be proud of their flatties rather than sloping around hunch-backed or wanting to smother them under pounds of padding. Celebrities like Keira Knightley and Cameron Diaz (and Trinny!) are proud to bare their svelte chests both on-screen and on the red carpet. Sienna Miller said in an interview “Men’s traditional view of sexiness isn’t sexy. It shouldn’t be so obvious: push-up bras and miniskirts? Sexiness, to me, is when people are comfortable with themselves.” We applaud you Sienna!

One of the have sexiest women of all time, Kate Moss, recalled in an interview with The Telegraph about how much she hated her small boobs as a teenager and would do anything not to take her top off. Now she bares them with pride – and they seem like the chicest accessory a woman could ask for.

Are tiny tits terrific? Let us count the ways:

  • They are less affected by gravity and hence stay pert for longer.
  • You can work out without the hassle of having to purchase that hugely expensive support bra.
  • You will never experience backache from having to lug around two huge boulders.
  • You can get away with almost any style of bikini without the worry of ‘popping out’.
  • In winter you can snuggle into big chunky jumpers that look beastly on your larger-breasted sisters and in summer you can slink about in the sheerest t-shirts and bandana tops.
  • Huge florals and animal prints will seem utterly chic on your svelte torso.
  • You can wear fabulous ruffles and bows on your upper half without appearing blowsy.

Large department stores like as John Lewis, House of Fraser and M&S always carry a wide range of sizes but there are also many lingerie shops that specialise in A to AAA-cups. We had a chat to Fiona Goad of Little Women, an online shop that supplies ‘sexy, chic lingerie for grown-up women who are proud of what they have and not worried about looking bigger’. She has seen every possible scenario and has suggestions galore:

  • If you have one boob that is bigger than the other then buy a bra with removable booster pads, take the booster out of the pocket on your larger side and put it in the pocket on your smaller side.
  • When you discover that your boobs are heading off in different directions, look for a push up bra with a wider bridge, the push will do just that and give you a more comfortable fit.
  • Small droopy boobs need a traditional triangular shape, a halter neck or a padded bra with booster pads at the bottom of each cup.

As we always say, dressing well begins with great foundations. So find yourself the prefect bra and show the world your beautiful small boobs.

Here are some shops that specialise in small cup sizes:

Little Women: A great range of flattering styles in cup sizes AAA – B.

Avariella: Beautiful luxury bras and lingerie including some divine wedding styles.

Eves Apples: Their mission is ‘to help small busted women look and feel their best without surgery.’

Dainty Lady: Small bras and petite lingerie lovingly hand made in Derbyshire.

Max Cleavage: Padded and gel-filled bikinis are their specialty. Almost all the range is made in the UK.

The Little Bra Company: A very affordable USA shop offering a wide range of chic styles.

Lula Lu: USA shop with a great range of styles – including corsetry.

Do you have trouble knowing what to wear to flatter your small boobs? Share your experience in the comments below.


  • Reply May 15, 2014


    I loved it when I had B cups. Small boobs rock! I’ve put on weight now and the major reason I’d like to lose it is to get my Bs back.

  • Reply May 15, 2014

    Giles Dee-Shapland

    As a sex therapist who works in media, I believe breasts are over sexualised. Whether a woman has small breasts or large, they serve ultimately to serve their young. It is natural, for men and women when physically or emotionally sexualising theirs or their partners breast, to express love, respect it and with it, and mutually enjoying whatever the partner can offer. This goes for men and their penises too.

  • Reply May 15, 2014


    I’m all for embracing the ‘love your body whatever shape you are’ idea, but comparing big and small boobs is just ridiculous, and shaming big boobs is NOT the way to embrace small boobs. Yes, there are probably many advantages to having small boobs, but your comment “You will never experience backache from having to lug around two huge boulders” is absolute utter RUBBISH! I’m a perfectly natural, perfectly happy 28H and I do NOT experience backache. If you wear the correct size bra – no matter what your shape or size – you will NOT have backache and it will NOT feel like you’re lugging around two huge boulders. If you have large boobs and backache, then you’re most likely wearing the wrong size bra.

  • Reply May 15, 2014


    In this day and age when a lot of women and young girls have such a problem with body image and lack of self esteem due to the air-brushed ideals from the media I am appalled at reading this. Our boobs are the one part of our body that cannot easily be altered by diet etc and articles like this do nothing at all to help people accept their body image. Far better to concentrate on fashion advice to suit the shape that you have got rather than extol the virtues of something that can never be attained by a lot of women.

  • I’m still learning to love my ta-tas. Before I had my children, I had always been a 36c. After birthing my son (because of breastfeeding issues) was then a 36b, and have been since. Now, I might still find myself still working on accepting my physical appearance, but it hasn’t stopped me from modeling. Four years ago I had seriously considered having breast enhancement surgery because I wasn’t happy with the way I looked… and weather I was wearing a push up bra, or no bra at all, (this is going to sound so tacky of me), every one of my ex’s and guy friends had all agreed on one thing, a handfull of boob is more than enough. Lol.

  • Reply May 15, 2014


    I am an A cup and happy with that. My only problem is that I am also a breastfeeding mother and I can’t find a nursing bra with an A cup. Everywhere I have looked start with either a B cup and some even a D cup.

  • Reply May 16, 2014

    Karen Lowe

    A great article on how to make women with larger breasts feel ugly and unattractive! Is your next article on how great larger breasts are then going to make women with smaller breasts feel the same way too?? It’s admirable to write an article about embracing your body exactly as it is and how to make the most of it – but not in a negative way of any other body shape…

    • Reply July 7, 2014


      Oh please, if a woman with a larger bust feels unattractive after reading this, she can go look at any advertisement ever made in the last decade and she’ll feel fine again.

      • Reply July 16, 2014

        Karen Lowe

        Advertisement for what?!! Have you actually looked through a fashion magazine or at a shop mannequin recently??

        • Reply September 25, 2014


          Um, advertisements for EVERYTHING?! Everything out there is to shame small breasts and say that big breasts are better. Everything. Commercials, tv shows, movies, nude magazines, porn, strip clubs–the list goes friggin’ on. I can’t tell you how many tv shows I’ve watched of the husbands who were unhappy with their wife’s small breasts. Get friggin’ real.

          • September 26, 2014


            Lily, you make so much sense, and cut to the chase. I agree with every sentiment you’ve expressed. Small-breasted women are so constantly denigrated; by non-fashion advertising, fashion advertising, TV comedies, and by bigger breasted women who are smug, or feel sorry for us. One article, co-authored by a rather large breasted woman and a small breasted woman, which has been taken out of context, is a much needed win for those of us who usually are put down. This article didn’t put larger breasted women down. It was a much needed positive for me, a small breasted woman.

  • Reply May 17, 2014


    It’s not like many of us have a choice as to what size we are! I would like to add, since you did ask for comment, that if you are going to wear a plunging-to-the-waist neckline, make sure your cleavage/chest area is attractive. I have to say that there are small breasted women out there in the public eye who try to rock that look when they have either bony chests or saggy small boobs. Keira in this pic looks amazing but don’t assume just because you have small boobs, that we want to see that much of you!

    • Reply September 25, 2014


      Then don’t look. I don’t necessarily want to see all big breasted womens cleavage, but golly gee, we always see it.

      • Reply September 26, 2014



  • Reply May 17, 2014


    I love my small boobs. I’m a 36AA. For a while I put on weight and was a 34B but over the past year have been spending 10 hours a week at the gym and my boobs are now 36AA and I love them more than ever! They are more pert than ever at 43 than they were in my 20’s. Oddly enough I feel much more feminine with smaller boobs. The only downside is that there isn’t much choice for pretty bras in that size on the high street in my budget and clothes seem to be aimed at women with larger breasts. I never worried growing up that men wouldn’t find me attractive being so small and I think that it’s important that young girls realise this, especially as many if he role models today have all had those horrendous breast implants. Well done Trinny and Susannah for sending such a positive message.

    • Reply July 8, 2014


      Hi Lisa, you put on weight and went from a 36AA to a 34B? That’s impossible as a 36 band is bigger than a 34 band.
      The number refers to the measurement around your ribcage/underbust in inches, so if you were a 36 band (and measured 36″) and you went down to a 34 band (measured 34″ underbust) that means you lost weight/size in your body.
      Also, the cup volume of a 36AA and a 34B is exactly the same. It’s known as sister sizing.
      The starting point is that band size = underbust measurement in inches, so if you measure 30″, wear a 30 band. Another rough guide is that a size 10 lady needs around about a 30 band, size 12 a 32 band, size 14 a 34 band, and so on (I’m a size 10 and wear a 28 band as I need the support for my larger boobs).
      In reality, you might well need a smaller band and a bigger cup.
      Have a read here: and then you might want to get re-fitted by Bravissimo (Yes, I know they start at a D cup, but you might be surprised by your true size!). Good luck :-)

  • Reply May 19, 2014


    Dont know what all the fuss is about. Small boobs aka skinny women have been in fashion ever since I was born (1960’s). Large breasts are always seen as funny or overly sexual. I have large boobs and cannot understand why women complain about having a small cup size. No problems finding clothes that won’t do up around the chest area, no back ache, able to excercise without having to wear a straight jacket. Stop complaining about something that most large chested women would love. You can always fake it and when they get uncomfortable take the chicken fillets out.

  • Reply May 26, 2014


    All of the women you show are petite all around though. I wouldn’t mind mine much if I didn’t have 41+ inch hips to boot. I’m so disproportionate it’s not funny. Clothes shopping is a nightmare, especially since all the clothes marketed to my age group (18-20) cater to a specific body type. I’m about 5’10 and I have broad shoulders. Buy a top in a small: the chest area is fine and my arms and shoulders suffer. Buy the large/extra-large and it’s all bad everywhere but. Dresses make me cry. I don’t get to reap any of the benefits of being small-chested.

  • Reply June 6, 2014


    In your article, you were repeating over and over and over again about how women should not be shamed for their body. But then, you talk about how women should have small breasts and not big ones. You say how totally shameful it is if you have big boobs. How you can’t wear this and you can’t wear that or you’ll look like a slut. But if you wear that with small boobs you are seen as an idol who thinks it doesn’t matter what you look like, even if you’re wearing one of the most revealing outfits ever. And, the only way to fix it is to get breast surgery. But no, nobody can get breast surgery, or you’re immediately someone who only cares about what they look like. Next time, don’t try to help people fell better about themselves by making others feel worse.

  • Reply June 16, 2014


    Love this post! Small boobs are beautiful boobs–and they really are. I agree that sexiness is how comfortable you are carrying yourself in different situations. I read an article from which shared appreciation of defined beauty from different cultures around the world worth admiring for. Just how confident you express yourself and your gestures already exudes the person you are and I think that is real beauty.

  • Reply June 26, 2014

    Mr Green

    I am a man and I love small boobs on adult women.
    There are many men like me, not all of us like big boobs.
    My wife has beautiful, small boobies.
    My advice to women with small booobs is to NEVER, EVER change them with surgery just for the sake of someone else’s opinion.

  • Reply August 4, 2014


    Its so hard with small boobs to find clothes that fit all the small breasted girls I knw hate theyre small boobs and I have back pain with small boobs cause no bras fit right and they sag qhen I actually filled out a bra my back didnt hurt

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