How to Shape Your Eyebrows – Trinny’s Eyebrow Tutorial

If there is one piece of artistry that is guaranteed to instantly transform your face, it is defining and shaping your eyebrows. Eyebrows give us expression, drama and a bit of a lift – yet we see so many women who simply neglect them. Eyes are opened up and your face entirely realigned by giving just a little tender loving care to your brows.

Trinny has almost turned brow-defining into a science. Here she instructs Susannah with a few simple but incredibly effective tips using powder, pencil, gel and other weapons of mass transformation to completely reframe Susannah’s face.

Watch Trinny’s tutorial for shaping your eyebrows and you will always look more Cara Delevigne that Grouch Marx!


Inspired? Here are the products that Trinny loves.


What is your top eyebrow tip?

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