Red Lips

red lips trinny and susannah

Everybody loves the idea of red lips but we all need to find a way to do this dramatic look.

I didn’t start wearing red lipstick until my 40s. I had avoided it because I have big lips and it makes my lips look even bigger (they are all mine by the way)! It’s also the only make up my mother has always worn… sometimes you don’t want to see your mother in the mirror.

Choosing the right red is key. You have to find a red that complements your skin tone, your eye colour and your hair colour. I have quite sallow skin so I can’t have a red that’s too blue but, equally, as my hair doesn’t have that much orange in it, I can’t go too tomato either. I found my perfect in-between hue in MAC Lady Danger. If you have a clear pale skin, cool dark hair and deep blue eyes with a dark rim around them or brown eyes a scarlet red looks fabulous, try Chanel Allure Passion. If you have creamy skin, blond hair and light eyes go for NARS Jungle Red. Don’t be afraid of wearing a red lipstick if you have reddish hair and freckled skin, but go for something with a little brick in it like BECCA Beach Tint Watermelon.

As I get older, it’s really important that I fill in any lines first. I usually use a line filler by Dr Brandt which stops any bleeding and fills in the wrinkles. Finally, I prefer to wear a bright lip with paler clothes. I can’t quite say why, but I just feel it’s not such a shock. So I’ve teamed it today with white and beige. It feels reassuring on some days when you are low, that you can just put on bright red lips and it can change the way you feel instantly.

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  • Reply January 21, 2015

    Kathie Lou Eldridge

    Because red lipstick can also fade like coolaid on some of us, I wear a liquid red by Revlon. Stays on brilliantly. I have dark golden blonde hair with dark hazel eyes and a porcelain blue red redhead skin tone( freckles and burns to high heaven ) so I use an orange red which cuts the purple in my skin tone. Stays on after coffee and doesn’t need liner either.

  • Reply January 24, 2015


    I’m blonde with pale olive-toned skin and green eyes – blue reds look awful on me and most reds tend to look a little too retro. I’ve been wearing deep red/oranges instead of red and I feel they look much better, a bit more modern. The one I’m using at the moment is MAC “So Chaud” which is amazing.

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