Reading Glasses for Every Occasion

Have a Look glasses Trinny Woodall

When we launched our latest Makeover Mission in Denmark, Danish style duo Mette Wotkjær and Christina Kattrup Schrøder came to interview and photograph Trinny at her house for Femina magazine. Trinny looked gorgeous as always with her hair and make-up and effortless style but, truth be told, she can’t see a thing without her reading glasses.

As Trinny peered blurrily at a screen shot and fumbled for her missing specs, Christina produced a pair of the most beautiful reading glasses from her pocket and -guess what?- they coordinated perfectly with her outfit. Turns out that apart from being super style journalists, Wotkjær & Kattrup have launched a genius range of spectacles: Have a Look!

Have a Look reading glasses

Trinny says:

As I get older, short-sightedness has become the bane of my existence. I need a pair of specs in every room and, naturally a pair for each outfit. What these ladies have done is brilliant. The spectacles are incredibly stylish and also affordable. So now I can actually have a pair of reading glasses for every occasion.

Have a Lookwe feel, deserves five stars on design, five stars on price and five stars on solving an irritating life problem.

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