Quick Hairstyle – Susannah Gets a Big Hair Salon Look in 5 Minutes

You know how it is. You have an important meeting or a dinner and you left it to the last minute to wash your hair. Now your makeup looks great, your outfit has been perfected and your barnet still looks like a haystack and you have to be out the door in ten minutes if you’re not going to be late for that very important date.

Susannah finds herself in this situation at least twice a week. So she is overjoyed to discover the ultimate quick hairstyle tool: the Babyliss Big Hair. Susannah says, “This amazing piece of equipment has changed my life. I can get a salon-like blow dry in about 5 minutes, which means more time in bed with my husband and children. Gotta love that!”

Do you have a favourite quick hair tip? Please tell us in the comments, below.


  • Reply April 22, 2014

    Felicity from Australia

    Does it work on hair that is dead-straight, with no hint of curl or wave?

    • Reply April 22, 2014

      Trinny and Susannah

      Hi Felicity, It’s not really a curling tool, more smoothing and volumising. It works by giving lift at the roots while at the same time smoothing all the strands of hair. So, in terms of getting your hair smooth and achieving the job quickly, it should work on straight hair. For more lift add a small amount of product to your roots before using the wand. x

  • Reply April 22, 2014

    Felicity from Australia

    Lifts at the roots? Bingo! I’m off to get one. X0

  • Reply May 7, 2014

    Felicity From Australia

    Works like a dream, as promised. Sleek, and lifted at the roots. Very elegant result.

  • Reply June 7, 2014

    jeremy joe

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  • Reply June 24, 2014


    Oooh…doesn’t tangle and pull your hair out in wads?? Scared. I want to try though!


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