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How to Dress Your Brick Body Shape

Our reader Gabi had the chutzpah to ask: ‘what body shape am I?’ You answered, we answered, she’s a Brick. If you identify with…

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What Body Shape am I? The Answer

  In our last post we shared a letter from Gabi who asked, ‘what body shape am I?’ We challenged you to give your verdict and…

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How to Make the Most of Thin Lips

‘Compare and despair’ the wise ones say, yet Susannah still can’t help, on occasion, comparing her thin lips to Trinny’s plump and pillowy kissers….

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How to Wear Sequin Trousers

For those of us that don’t have legs like a racehorse, wearing sequin trousers has seemed like an impossible fantasy. Dream no more! Trinny shows…

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How to Use a Derma Roller

You may have had a professional facial involving the use of a derma roller and left the salon your face feeling fresh and alive….