Viva Navy Tights! OR How to Elongate Your Legs and Pull Your Whole Outfit Together

So many women shy away from patterned dresses. How do you accessorise it? It all feels a bit too much.

But as Susannah explains in this video, you can wear jewellery with patterns. In fact, pile it on; but the trick is to stick to jewellery in one area only – be it a stack of bangles, an OTT statement necklace or a dazzling pair of chandelier earrings. Try to avoid delicate and dainty jewellery that will be swamped by a busy print.

The second trick is to choose tights that blend with one of the colours in the dress. We always advise utmost caution with black tights. No because we’re against them; black tights can look amazing. The issue we find is that so many of you are inclined to just wear them by default with everything. There is nothing that will more quickly kill a subtly worked colour palette stone dead than ill-chosen black accessories.

So, in this instance, Susannah goes for navy tights. Teaming them with navy shoes has the added advantage of creating an illusion of endless legs.

Create your own look:

We have found that one of the most useful additions to any wardrobe is a pair of navy tights. We also believe that this is an item that one should not scrimp on. It is really worth investing to get the right colour, thickness, finish and quality. Compared to the cost of your whole outfit the cost of a quality pair of tights is small – and the tights, of course, can be worn with so many outfits. Harnessing the courage of our convictions we have made our own Magic Shaping Tights (you can see them here.) With leg, bum and tummy sculpting qualities they are so much more than a pair of tights.

The dress in this video is from one of our previous Trinny & Susannah for QVC collections. but we always have some beautiful patterned dresses in our collections. Check out our latest here.

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