Mission Makeover has Landed in Germany

Mission Makeover Germany Trinny and Susannah

We are so excited at the way that our shows are spreading across the globe. Our mission is to inspire the world to dress with confidence, one woman at a time.

So we’re absolutely delighted that our show Mission Makeover has landed in Germany. All the way from the sunny shores of the land of Down Under, Mission Makeover follows us trying to rescue the women of Australia from, dowdiness, depressing clothes and low self-esteem. On the lighter side we go in search of Australia’s greatest fashion faux pas (and the candidates are many, we assure you).

Mission Makeover screens on Sixx every Wednesday at 20.15. There is also a fantastic online special with videos, facts and photos.

If you are watching in Germany we would love to have your feedback.




  • Reply August 28, 2014


    Come back to Poland :-) We miss you.

  • Reply September 10, 2014


    Is it showing in Australia? I haven’t seen it advertised on the usual T&S showing channels.

  • Reply September 11, 2014


    Hi Trinny and Susannah,

    I am from Germany and watched your show yesterday for the first time! I really loved it!
    It`s great to see how every woman at every age and every size can get dressed and look
    beautiful! Keep going!!!!!

    XOXO from Germany

    • Reply September 11, 2014

      Trinny and Susannah

      Thank you for your kind words Andrea. x

  • Reply September 11, 2014


    First of all, I have to say: I love you guys. Until now I’ve seen every episode of your show on Sixx. You do a great job and your such an inspiration. Hopefully many, many girls and women in Germany will watch your show and follow your advices. Confident beautiful women, that’s what we need :) Maybe one day, you will start a Mission Makeover in Germany, too….that would be brilliant…
    Keep on going girls :-*

  • Reply September 21, 2014


    Hello Trinny and Susannah!

    I am also from Germany and I watch your show whenever I can make it.

    It’s very inspiring and mind-boggling to see how all these women change with your help and how confident they seem to become!
    I never would have believed that clothes can have such an impact!

    Thanks for teaching me that!

    • Reply September 21, 2014

      Trinny and Susannah

      Thanks for your kind words Sabrina. We are delighted that you like our shows. x

  • Reply September 23, 2014


    I TOTALLY love your show. The first time I saw it, I did record it in series. I’m from germany, too. It is so inspiring to see how you turn the inner beauty out of every normal woman. In my dreams I already were part of your mission makeover. Hopefully one day it will become true. :) Until that I keep watching and feel happy for every woman that can reinvent herself – with your kind and strong hand.

  • Reply September 24, 2014


    Hi Girls! You are just AMAZING. The way you help women of every size and age is so warmhearted and encouraging. Every single week when I watch your show it ends up with tears in my eyes.

    Please announce as soon as possible if you’ll do one of your makeovers here in Germany – I’ll definitively try to get “catchend” by you. Btw: do you have partners in Germany (maybe even in Berlin) who I could consult with my (so called) “style”-issues?

    Big big THANKS for your work and greetings from Berlin
    Katja x

  • Reply November 7, 2014


    Hello Trinny, hello Susannah,

    I really love watching your Show. I’m from Germany and it would be a pleasure to have you in Germany as well. I’m sure, you could help my mother to feel comfortable and sexy as well. Whenever you come to Germany – please let me know.

    Thank you for your work!!!

    Greetings Katharina

  • Reply November 10, 2014


    Hallo Trinny and Susannah,

    I´m really really looking forward to see your show and how you give German women a new life.
    I know and love you both since I´ve lived in the UK and Scotland several years ago.

    To be honest, I´m a little jealous when I see, how you changed the lives of all these women.
    I went through a hard time myself and have gained weight so I don´t like myself or feel like a woman … I lost my self confidence and have no idea how the dress myself for the best.
    Every show I´m crying with the women and feel the same pain as they do. But you are the light for them, you inspire them and giving them a new confident start. (they love themselves again)

    Thank you so much for this. For seeing the beauty and best in every woman. In my eyes you two are like the fairy godmother in Cinderella. Two sparkling, inspiring and honest ladies with a great understanding and a big huge heart for woman.

    I´m so glad to see you two on SIXX every Wednesday and sometimes even on Sundays.

    Love form Freiburg, Germany
    Yours Annette

  • Reply November 17, 2014


    LOVE your show!
    Please come to Germany in person and transform my wardrobe. *beg*

  • Reply July 7, 2015


    Please makeover my friend! The situation is getting desperate. He is 23, and needs help regards grooming and fashion to improve his chances finding love.

  • Reply December 21, 2015


    Hi T&S
    I loved to watch “What not to wear” years ago. Now I follow “Mission Makeover Holland” and thell all my friends to watch it too. I ordered “the body shape bible” and “ready 2 dress” and enjoy to read them.

    It would be great, if you come to Switzerland (the little country next to Germany, so not a far trip!). LET ME KNOW!!!!


  • Reply March 16, 2016


    I hope you come to Germany and see me :) 😛 Love your show :*

  • Reply March 17, 2016

    Regina Schmitz

    Your show is so unique, it gives women a huge boost self-confidence and shows them how beautiful they really are.

    My self-confidence there would be a huge boost when you come to Germany and I would Makeover. After several pregnancies and disease I have much increased, and feel more than uncomfortable in my body.

    Please come to Germany and help me

    best regards :) Regina

  • Reply April 5, 2016


    Hello Makeover team , I’m from Germany and watch your show every day on Sixx , Come now time to ,, Bremen ,, The smallest state in Germany , I know because some ladies u . Men who could use a makeover , I dare eg not to wear a dress , I’m 54y.o. and have a big belly and very thick upper arms : – / , in high heels I can not walk well , well, keep it up , lots of light you come so times over, Lg Ulla

  • Reply April 13, 2016

    Miriam Holz

    Hi Trinny & Susanna,
    i’m from Germany an i Love your Show!!!!!
    My biggest wish is to meet you and Talk with you!!!!
    Please come to Germany 😍🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻

    Love from Germany!!!!

  • Reply April 25, 2016



    your Show tells me that there are more Womens like me. I mean womens without an own Style :/
    I like to see the way when they found there personality and look like a real woman.
    I´m the Queen of the “grey mice) 😉 but I think a have a Chance to come out of me like the Womans in your Show!
    When you visit Germany a specialy Saxony please call me! I would be honored to be in your show!

    best wishes

  • Reply April 27, 2016

    Robine Mascha

    I love to see,how you turn ladies into queens and let them shine. I am also from germany and a would be a great change and chance to get a makeover for my Body and my soul. Kisses and Hugs from Germany


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