How to Make the Most of Thin Lips

‘Compare and despair’ the wise ones say, yet Susannah still can’t help, on occasion, comparing her thin lips to Trinny’s plump and pillowy kissers.

Trinny comes to Susannah’s rescue with a tube of MAC Prep & Prime lip filler and a neutral coloured glossy lipstick. For her trouble, she gets nothing but rudeness from Sus!

The trick is to fill in lip lines, especially on the upper lip, to create a smoother, plumper base for lipstick. If your lips are thin, avoid strong colours and matte textures. Better to go for a creamy, satin or semi-gloss finish – on both sides, as Susannah points out.

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  • Reply April 7, 2015


    I have never seen someone as elegantly beautiful as you Trinny. You are truly blessed.
    I don’t have cable so miss your show that once aired on Australian tv.
    You’re not alone Susannah. I was born with thin lips too however also have fine hair! You have gorgeous lush hair.
    Have a lovely week ladies and thanks for all your tips.

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