#newknickers or How We Learned to Love Magic Knickers Even More than We Did Before (if That is Possible)

Super Slim Slip black Trinny and Susannah

We love Magic Knickers. They iron out lumps and bumps, flatten tummies, lift bottoms and make slinky dresses just glide over our bodies.

But despite our relentless singing of their praises over countless years, some of you ladies still love to hate them – the hassle of putting them on and taking them off, the challenge of wearing them in a hot climate.

We hear you.

So we sat down with those clever boffins at Cette and developed some fabulous new underwear using a revolutionary new yarn that goes by the oh-so-scientific title of X4zol-J Fiber. We have named it the Trinny & Susannah Super Slim range, and you will soon see why…

How can we fully describe the wonders of X4zol-J? It is stretchier than traditional elastane but at the same time offers more uniform compression. What this means to you and us is that it adapts better to our unique shapes and sizes, smoothing you in all the right places whilst at the same time being supremely comfortable.

The yarn is thinner and yet stronger than regular elastane. Our new foundation garments, knitted on Cette’s hi-tech machines with super-fine needles, are practically invisible under tight or sheer clothes.

It is also much softer and smoother. The underwear feels lovely against our skin.

To cap it all, X4zol-J is breathable. It wicks moisture away from your skin creating a cooling effect, even in Summer.

The Trinny & Susannah Super Slim range really is high-performance shapewear that you can wear every day. In other words, have your cake and eat it!

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    Hi There

    Where can I buy the new slim range in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia? Do you post to Aus if I buy online?

    Please come back to TV…..The first and the Best!!


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