Layering 101

Layering isn’t just about being comfortable in spring and autumn. It is a great way to soften rigid outfits, to splash a dash of smart into a casual look, to add interest with pattern and texture, to break up large areas and, as Trinny shows here, to re-proportion the outline of your silhouette.

How do you layer?

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  • Reply April 25, 2014

    amy mcgarr

    Trinny, You cute thing – you say you have saddle bags and suggest that we not wear jackets, etc. that land on the bags. But it looks as though this is where the satin shirt is hitting. I have the boobs, the belly, the saddlebags, the short legs. I’m the total package. :) I am getting confused as to which of the suggestions I should use. I wore the long, flare and looked a bit goofy. Think they weren’t long enough. But I looked like I had a really long torso (which I do) and short legs. And I’m a teacher, living in a mountain town and don’t want to get over the top fancy. What to do!!

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