Investment Dressing is All About Cost Per Wear

We cannot tell you how many times we have looked in a woman’s wardrobe and found some incredibly expensive garment from ten years ago hanging – sad, alone and almost unworn. “It’s a classic” the distraught owner invariably wails as we try to wrestle the offending item from her desperate grasp. Ladies, a coat you never wear is a relic, not a classic!

Now, we are not against investment dressing but we always keep a firm eye on cost-per-wear. Obviously we are all going to get more mileage out of a pair of jeans than an evening gown but that doesn’t mean we should wear jeans to a red carpet event. Some clothes just do cost more than others. Those expensive coats and dresses are worth the money but it doesn’t hurt to bear in mind the possibility of wearing them in other ways so as to get maximum bang for our buck.

Here, Susannah dresses down a fabulous evening coat in  a way that looks totally hip and cool. She can now get away with wearing it once a week, rather than once a year.

Are you ready to blow a bit of serious cash? Here are some more incredible evening coats that, dressed down or dressed up, will take you from ball game to ball room.


  • Dearest Trinny & Susannah,
    You are both a gift sent from the fashion heavens. You both truly inspire me: to love the shape of my body, dress it well, enjoy wearing great colours and be proud of being a woman of 40. I think you are both absolutely fabulous. Keep up the positive work; ladies! I’m looking forward to receiving the newsletter.

  • Reply December 27, 2014

    Sherilee Horsler

    Love your style and tips that you so generously share from skin care to garments.

    Any chance you might come to South Africa?

    Kind regards


  • Reply January 10, 2015

    Angela Bertran

    Dear Trinny and Susannah, thank you for unvaluable style lessons since the What not to wear show. I am a 61 years old lady and I always keep in mind your advices to elder women. I still love fashion, I try to look nice and have style. Thank you again, girls, you are so gorgeous and wise.

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