How to Wear White


The sun is shining, spring is definitely here, and I feel summer is close at hand. But I’m not ready, the pedicure’s not done, open toe-ed shoes are looking too scary, my wardrobe is still full of winter clothes… and getting out my summer wardrobe from last year is feeling too beachy/holiday.
So a little trip to the High Street. I have been so immersed in a new project (that doesn’t include clothes) that I feel I have no idea of what is in fashion this season; I haven’t read Vogue or Grazia for months.
Although I normally never worry about wearing what is in fashion as I have become so indoctrinated by my own severe rules for dressing; I need a fresh eye, and a few choices of High Street items to make the winter wardrobe shine and the summer wardrobe warmer.
The idea of a white trouser suit is so chicly appealing… But the question is how to wear white without falling in the minefield of body consciousness coupled with the fear of getting dirty? I have avoided buying a white suit for at least a decade. Recently I tried one from Zoe Jordan, a relatively new British Designer, who designs with her architects training in mind,  but the colour of the trousers and jacket was slightly off as one was lined and one was not,  the trousers were low waisted and cropped leaving my legs very stumpy, and the pockets of the trousers glared through the fabric (always an issue with white). I took it back and felt relieved I had not invested £100’s in such a mistake.
Still fuelled by the idea I venture into Zara, again, and find the most FABULOUS high waisted, perfectly cut, no pockets showing through, pair of flared trousers.  So gorgeous that I wanted to buy a second pair (£39) the jacket that went with them didn’t work, it had a pre routed sleeve that doesn’t suit me, so I thought ok, let’s try a different texture but same colour, and I fell upon this broderie anglaise jacket, reminiscent of Dolce & Gabbana last seasonChloé nearly every season (including this one)  and frankly a better cut for me than both.
I am prancing round my bathroom in heaven, can’t wait to wear it this weekend, I know that it will get dirty  but the trousers and jacket can go in the machine, so bring on the dirt.
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  • Reply May 14, 2015

    Linda LaRoche

    This is my first comment although I’ve been following you (like a stalker) for years. I even browse the Internet to see what you gals wear, what trends you have embraced and the chic way you style “a look.” Trinny you look stunning in white! I’m indebted to the both of you for having taught me how to dress. Although I had a knack for it, making my selections intuitively, with an affinity for the classics, I never quite understood why a turtleneck worked against me (I’m a Lollipop) until you enlightened me! I restyled my wardrobe based on your expertise and continue to do so. I particularly pay attention to what Susannah wears because she too is well-endowed. Is she a Lollipop? You both are lovely and I admire your originality and thank you for the gift you impart, to make everyone look and feel better.

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    The while shirt on the web can you make it so you can’t see through it thanks

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