How to Wear White (Trinny’s Summer Version)

how to wear white trinny and susannahI always avoided white unless I had a tan but as I get older I find it can be (with a little healthy cheek blush) one of the most flattering of colours. My first rule of summer white? Keep it simple silly.

As a glance at any household paint chart will tell you, white is not just white. With a little trial and error we can all find a shade of white that suits our skin and hair tones. For me it’s ecru but whites range from cool ice-white to warm pale beige. There are really useful colour palettes and guidance on how to choose your shade in our book What You Wear Can Change Your Life.

Top left:
I have pearls from my mother and grandmother. I feel against my bare skin they can be somewhat ageing but against a silk shirt they nestle with luminosity.

Top right:
White trousers are scary to wear but these looser wide leg cropped version currently in Zara are flattering on nearly every shape. They are high-waisted enough to not shorten my legs by how cropped they are. The crop top (also Zara) shortens my waist and gives me the appearance of a longer leg, but this look can also work for short-waisted long legged ladies out there.

Bottom left:

Keep it chic with a silver wedge. If you, like me, have cankles, fear not as the strap is so loose and the trouser leg so wide it will give the illusion of a racehorse ankle like Susannah’s.

Bottom right:
This ecru skirt and shirt I bought on separate occasions at COS. I then discovered later  at home they have the same pleated pattern so they now sit in my wardrobe hung together to be worn as a perfect ‘dress’ with sleeves, so rare to find in summer. I added the Taupe belt and a little leopard wedge to give the outfit more interest.

Are you, like Trinny, feeling white might be fabulous for summer? Here are some gorgeous garments we’ve picked to inspire you:


  • Reply July 17, 2014


    Although from the north of England, I live in Northern California where white Capri jeans seem to be de rigeur amongst ladies of a certain age. I am dying to try them out – white trousers always seem exotic – but I find that they often look middle aged. Any ideas?


    P.S. Suzanne – please can you start showing how you are wearing the Summer trends too? I’m a vase and as much as I think Trinny looks stunning in her ensembles, they would make me look like a sack of potatoes

  • Reply July 17, 2014


    I mean Susannah. Sorry

  • Reply September 9, 2014


    Is it ever ok to wear white as the mother of the bride to your daughters wedding even if she says it’s ok. I’ve bought a lovely simple fitted short cocktail style dress but it is white and I’m not sur its the right thing to do and value your opinion.

    • Reply September 10, 2014

      Trinny and Susannah

      Hi Jane,

      What is worn to weddings is largely a matter of convention. And of course, in non-Christian cultures brides themselves wear all sorts of colours. So we are assuming that this is a traditional Christian wedding with the bride wearing white…

      The key thing, we think, is not what colour you wear but rather not to upstage the bride. It is her day. If your daughter wants you to wear your lovely white dress then go ahead and wear it. If you truly in your heart think that your white dress will make either your daughter or yourself feel uncomfortable on the big day, then reconsider.

      Ultimately a wedding is an occasion of joy and togetherness. You need to feel relaxed in what you are wearing and also to make your daughter proud by looking great whilst at the same time throwing the spotlight on her. It’s your call.

      S&T x

      p.s please do post some photos of the wedding on our Facebook page. We would love to see which way you decide to go!

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