How to Wear Pastel Colours

To avoid looking like the Queen Mother we need to modernise pastels. If you’re under one hundred years old don’t be tempted to wear a baby blue knitted twinset. The trick is to create a look that is clean and fresh, rather than frumpy. In crafting your springtime palette, white is your ally: it always lifts the pastels and lets them float. Seek inspiration in a dawn sky-scape or the blush of spring flowers.

pastel dawn sky

To choose pastel colours seek inspiration in the blush of a dawn sky

Stick to one or two pastel hues – think pale pistachio with soft lavender or rose pink with soft apricot. Add a touch of dove grey or pale beige and you will shimmer enchantingly. To raise the tempo of your pastels, add striking shoes. Strong jewellery also works well, it will help to transform your outfit from flowerbed frou-frou to art gallery glamour. If you want to keep your outfit subdued, stick to soft and muted accessories. Don’t kill your lovely pastels with black or brown shoes and handbags.

Pastels can look slightly 1950s fancy dress unless handled with finesse – NEVER be tempted to match your eye shadow with your dress.


Susannah loves pastels and she never looks like a granny

Inspired? Here are some lovely pastel dresses we’ve found.


How do you wear your pastels?


  • Reply August 23, 2013

    Kathie Lou Eldridge

    I used to work with color analysis and on the right people pastels can be exciting and vibrant. Unfortunately on me most of them appear dull. I look better in earth tones. I’ll admire the pastels on other people. Susannah has coloring made for pastels. I look good in colors that make most people look rather ill, except for apricot.. I love you girls andyour great senses of humor

  • Reply October 31, 2013


    I used to have this beautiful Trinny and Suzannah dress as a teenager but due to an unfortunate incident had to get rid of it. I so want to find it or one just like it! It was my staple piece.

    • Reply October 31, 2013


      Oh, that is a shame Emma. We don’t know which beautiful dress you are referring to but if it is an old one you could try looking on eBay. x

      • Reply October 31, 2013


        Thank you for replying. I have just realised I didn’t say what dress I was referring to. It was the pastel blue dress Susannah is wearing in the how to wear pastels video. I have tried ebay, with no luck.

        • Reply October 31, 2013


          Unfortunately that is old stock. You can set up a notification on eBay for Trinny and Susannah dresses in your size and they will email you whenever anything comes up. x

          • November 1, 2013


            Oh right, well thank you for your help anyway.

  • Reply October 12, 2014

    jeremy joe

    Hi very sexy and Beautiful Susannah Constantine thank you i am such a Big fan of Her. keep Your Curves Susannah You are such a Babe i have such Big erection dysfunction it talks and everything. keep going in Your Career Susannah thank you and best wishes

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