How to Wear Leopard Print

Have you ever wondered how to wear leopard print?

This dear friend featured in Trinny’s scribbling last year, when she brought her faux fur back from the dead by cutting off inches from the hem and curving the seam to open up the front. As leopard is yet again featuring on the front pages of fashion, yet is difficult to carry off unless you are Kate Moss or Bette Lynch, she thought she would look at a few different ways to carry it off.

There is great joy to be had in experimenting with your style, seeing how bold you can go, and how much you can embrace a current trend. Trinny and Susannah believe, and always have, that we should never stop having fun with fashion.

They have made so many mistakes over the years in their experimentations, often the moment they felt best was in front of the mirror at home before they went out. Occasionally they mind, and sometimes they don’t, but they never stop enjoying the process of getting dressed, and challenging themself to try something new.

The whole enchilada


As Leopard is such a distinctive print you first need to check if the pattern wears you or you wear the pattern. When you look in the mirror if you see yourself at the same time as the print, then you can. If you get lost in your reflection, take it off.

Trinny balanced the look here with a bold shoe, like this black and white wedge.

If you love a good designer wedge brogue try Vestiaire Collective the brilliant buy and sell your own wardrobe site, which carries  Prada wedges at 1/3rd of the original price.

Show off just a sleeve


Gilets are easily the most versatile piece for your wardrobe, and perfect for layering and covering. Zara always have a gilet every season, as well as COS, in fact most high street brands have brought one out this season. Mine is an old friend from Acne. Trinny quite likes just the sleeve poking out for a more subtle look.

Just a peak

SONY DSCWearing a jacket without getting in the sleeve can be an alternative look for many reasons. Trinny has quite a few coats that are now too narrow in the sleeve, but she is still in love with the shape, colour, and texture. This old Helmut Lang coat is just that. The colours work with leopard, so throwing it over her shoulder still gives me the chance to wear the coat, and show off just a hint of little leopard.

Whatever your shape, whatever your size, try experimenting with a shop up in your wardrobe,  and take a risk. You won’t regret it.

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