How to Wear Jeans if You Are Top Heavy

Skinny jeans have become a part of the fashion landscape but if have are a busty body shape, for example a Goblet, an Hourglass, a Cello, a Lollipop or a Vase (like Susannah), wearing skinny jeans can serve to emphasise your top heavy silhouette.

Susannah suggests choosing flared jeans to re-proportion your figure in a way that will make you look curvy, yet less prone to toppling over.

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  • Reply August 6, 2013


    Oh no, I love my skinny jeans but have big boobs! Must have a closer look in the mirror!

  • Reply August 6, 2013


    Soooo true! The only problem is that there are ONLY skinny jeans around in the shops!!! ( in Israel, that is…) What am I to do???

    • Reply August 7, 2013

      Trinny and Susannah

      The best place to find a wide selection of styles is in a department store Michal. x

      • Reply June 12, 2015

        Marie Watson

        Not in a 37″ inseam!! I can only find those online. :/

  • Reply August 6, 2013


    Hi Trinny and Susannah, what is considered big busted? I’m still having trouble determining my body shape. I think I’m average size, not big busted not small.

  • Reply August 7, 2013

    Felicity, Australia

    Susannah, Thanks for confirming what I keep trying to explain to the shop assistants where I buy my jeans — I have big boobs and generous thighs and therefore I CAN’T do skinny jeans. They protest and point to how they look in the skinny jeans (they mostly are Apples and Cellos), and I don’t have the heart to tell them, “Exactly. You’ve lost all shape and definition, and in those jeans you look like a ball.” They bring me my bootleg jeans eventually, disappointed that I won’t follow the current trend for skinny. It’s not about fashion, it’s about style!

  • Reply August 31, 2013


    I’m an hourglass, and have recently discovered I look best in a cut of jean called “skinny bootcut”. It has a fitted, slim leg, which appears to lengthen and thin my legs, but also has a slight bootcut “kick” or flare for the bottom 6 inches or so, which balances my curvy hips and bust. I look way better in these than in a straight leg or a skinny leg.

  • Reply September 2, 2013


    my upper body is wider than my lower body.may i knw under which shape my body cms?

  • Reply September 9, 2013


    You’re absolutely right, Susanah! I’m a little bit top heavy and i have knock-knees too, so a skinny jeans highlight my leg problem. A flare one would be really better! It’s harder to find this type here, but i’ll make an effort to buy it.
    I watch you since What not to wear in 2002, through a channel, here in Brazil, called People ‘n’ Arts. Since I was 12 years old I’ve been enjoying your funny, practical and different ways to spreading style informations, and making women more beautiful and happy. I used to visit your older site, now i follow you on Facebook and YouTube! Congratulations for your amazing work!
    Oh! I almost forgot! On your older site you’ve posted some graphics about colors and how to match them. I remember the titles like “how to wear red” with a photo of Trinny using a red blouse with pink/orange flowers, a red flower necklace and a brown jeans…hahaha. Anyway, It was very helpful seeing many tips together into some graphics. I love your tiny video tips, but when I’m in a hurry to wear something, I dont have time to look for a text or video. So a graphic like the older ones would be more practical and I can save on my computer to look whenever i want. I guess many girls would like it too.
    Thanks for the help! Someday come to Rio de Janeiro, even if for taking a rest. You both gonna love it!
    Sorry for any grammar mistake! Hahahaha.

  • Reply October 20, 2014

    Jenn Simon

    Jeans are the bane of my existence. I’m basically a vase, but I have VERY muscular legs (and upper arms when I work out my upper body at all.) It’s so hard for me to find jeans that are 1. Flattering, and 2. Don’t fall down. Most people who know me professionally and have seen me only at conferences have never actually seen me wear pants.

    The thing is, I like my legs. I love them. I don’t want my thighs smaller. Besides to get them smaller I’d have to stop exercising. And being over 40, when I don’t work out I get scrawny, weak and flat-butted. But skinny jeans are all tight around the lower thigh and loose around the hips and even with a belt, they ratchet down as I walk. Boot cut look crummy on me, and have the same skinny-thigh issue. When I can find a *true* boyfriend cut, they work fine. I have a pair of Catherine boyfriend roll up shorts from Kut from the Kloth that fit like a glove.

    But most boyfriend jeans they sell at the store are “skinny boyfriend”. They’re still tight above the knee and I have to take them in an inch or two at the top. And they STILL fall down!!

    My 12 year old says I should give up and stick to my go-to of babydoll dresses with leggings for the rest of my life, but at 41 I’m not sure how much longer the babydoll thing is gonna work for me.

    Man, I miss straight leg pants from the 90s.

    Suggestions? Or am doomed to spend the rest of my life in either Lululemon yoga pants or tights?

    (FWIW, I did own a pair of 7 FAMK Josefinas 5-6 years ago. I may give them another try and pray they aren’t cut differently. ;/ )

  • Reply February 20, 2015

    Marie Watson

    There is no question that I am a tall lollipop. 6′, 36″ inseam, short waist, large breast, no butt or hips. I do wear boot cut jeans but not flared. Flared make my legs look too long. I also wear skinny jeans but always with boots over them. Is this enough to balance me out?

    • Reply March 2, 2015


      Yes it is, but flares are very strong for this season. J Brand and Zara both have some great designs so it might be time to give it a try with flats! Let us know how you get on x

  • Reply July 18, 2015


    I have 32G boobs, about 29 waist and 32 hips. I thought maybe I’m a cross between a lollipop and an apple (I’m only 5’5″…) so, I’m torn! What do you think?

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