How to Wear Brights

Trinny says, 'Don't be afraid of neon yellow and coral'.

Trinny says, ‘Don’t be afraid of neon yellow and coral’.

Poppy red; Schiaparelli pink; acid green; neon yellow, tangerine: Biff – Bam – Boom – Kapow!!! Wearing bright colours can be scary stuff. Yet if brights are put together with a creative eye they evoke a statement of supreme self-confidence in the wearer.

A lot of people automatically wear brights with black.

This creates a rather harsh juxtaposition. We suggest teaming screaming colours with a softer base tone that complements your eyes, hair and skin. That way your whole outfit works with you, rather than overwhelming you. In Trinny’s case grey really softens the neon.

It is okay to mix bights together in clashing dissonance – tomato red looks great with hot pink and bright orange or, as in Trinny’s outfit here, neon yellow works with fluorescent pink. The trick is to keep the base palette simple. Stick to just one or two tones of grey, navy or white. And let the brights do the work.

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  • Reply October 8, 2015

    mervi mustonen

    Hi, Trinny&Susannah! I´ve watched your program “Trinny&Susannah Skandinavia”. It is amazing program. It is not only fashion, but psycholigica program, where people can changes not only clothes but the contents of the whole of life.

    I am 70-years senior lecture finnish languages and mass communication in university and graduate next year a Doctor of Pfilosophy. I look 10 years younger, I am sporty and slender woman. When I taught at the university, I used a lot of black and gray clothes. Now, after watched your program, I have decided to go to the story and ask some experts to give to me a new look: a new colors and style.

    Thus, your program viewer can start to make changes themselves. I wich to you a lot warm greetings,good luck and success to your program, love and hugs! Yours Mervi Mustonen :)

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