How to Use a Derma Roller

You may have had a professional facial involving the use of a derma roller and left the salon your face feeling fresh and alive. Why not use that simple technique at home?

Metal derma rollers work by slightly stimulating and irritating the skin – to trick it into producing more collagen. Look for one made in a non-reactive metal such as titanium – or even gold plated. It looks like something one might find in the kit-bag of a mediaeval torturer. And to some extent it is. But Trinny thinks it’s worth the pain. We suggest that you start by using a derma roller with the smallest possible spikes, say once a week, and then move up from there if you dare. Just run the roller lightly over your face and neck (producing a soft “ow, ow, ow’ rather than a bellowing “aaaaargh, heeeelp meeee, pleeeeeez”). Pay particular attention to any areas of scarring. Do not apply pressure to the roller, unless you want a grated face! It is also really important to sterilise the roller before and after use. Dip it in surgical spirit and let it air dry. Don’t use soap or water.

Softer derma rollers, made from wood, rubber, silicone or plastic are designed to stimulate the lymphatic system. These are much more friendly and can be used daily to get your skin glowing.


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    Hi! Would you recommend me start using one if I’m 23? I have a slight dark spot on the upper lip that I got because of waxing at 13. That was the first time and last! (Thanks, mom!). Also, does it work for strechmarks in the body?
    Thank you, guys! I’m going to start sharing your videos, great tips!

    • Reply October 9, 2014

      Trinny and Susannah

      Hi Mimi,

      Derma rolling is not specifically recommended for dark spots but it is helpful in reducing the appearance of scarring and stretch marks. Always make sure that you sterilise the derma roller before and after use. And don’t apply any pressure when using it. There are some good discussions both in favour of and against derma rolling here, here and here. x

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    Hi Trinny,
    I’ve watched your tutorials on exfoliating/cleansing, and now derma rolling. I’m 46 and have used an exfoliator daily for many years on my normal to oily skin. I love the results!! How do you incorporate the two? It seems from your videos that you do both daily (with the exception of the metal dermal roller). I’m curious to purchase a derma roller, but confused about how it will affect my daily scrubbing routine. Do u in fact use both methods every morning,and if so, in what order?

    Many thanks,


  • Reply May 22, 2015

    Allie Green

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