How Layering Can Double Your Wardrobe


How layering can double your wardrobe.

Trinny has layered clothes her entire life. In her twenties she did it as a fashion moment, in her thirties, she decided she didn’t like her saddlebags, so she wore endless dresses over trousers, in her forties she wore knee length leggings under all her too short dresses to disguise her wrinkly knees, and now, in her fifties, she is addressing any area that she wants to hide with a layered look, as well as using layering to increase her outfit choices.

Getting out last summers wardrobe can be full of unwanted surprises. Her favourite dress now seems too short, the flamboyant painfully hip outfit now just feels painful, and one of her favourites, when the summer trousers that were a go to for every occasion where she didn’t know what to wear, are now just too tight to have the rear view revealed in any way, shape or form.

Trinny loved these trousers from Zara (5 seasons ago) so much that she bought 3 pairs (£29) the cost per wear must be 10p by now, so you can image her despondency when she tried them on last week and she could see her wobbly bottom very clearly through the fabric. But she can’t give up on a favourite, so she went back to the cupboard and thought: “Ok, what’s grey and white that I can layer on top and diffuse this situation?” She has taken a grey gilet and put it UNDER the jacket. This covers the offendingly tight fabric, and doesn’t make my legs look too short.


Another trick is to wear a gilet OVER a matching coloured jacket,  to create an instant coat, that has the flexibility to change according to temperature, great too for travel from a colder country to a warmer one, and visa versa. Here she has taken the same Stella McCartney jacket in white and worn a white gilet from Zara (this season) over.


The navy layering below is a simple Alexander Wang silk shirt and a tonally navy jacket (this one is not actually by Stella but a copy hand made in India for a tenth of the price). The note here is to grade your colours tonally,  the wrong navies together can really clash, the ones I have worn here are all a cool grey navy so you can give the impression more convincingly that its all one piece.

Gilets are truly investment pieces, whatever the original cost, as to me an investment piece is an item that you can always rely on to change, update, or soften an outfit. The gilet would be on my top ten pieces in a wardrobe.

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    You look beautiful, elegant and comfortable, and I’m still missing your TV programs

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