All Singing, All Dancing, Erborian CC HD Cream

erborian CC HD cream

Trinny and Erborian, sitting in a tree, k.i.s.s.i.n.g!

Yes, it’s love. CC (Colour Correcting dontyaknow) creams are an inspired development in make-up. Rather than just gloopily covering up everything like a coat of emulsion paint, this CC cream adjusts to your own skin tone to correct redness, blotches and dark circles whilst at the same time moisturising and providing a high sun protection factor to boot.

Trinny says:

With colour correcting coverage and  SPF45, the Erborian CC HD cream adjusts to the colour of your skin (if it’s in the mid range). I use it instead of foundation. It feels lighter and more ‘breathable’,  protects my skin from the sun and gives a youthful glow.  I’ve replaced about four different products with this one.

When you squeeze it out the cream is white but somehow it figures out what your skin tone is and then magically adapts (they say it’s science but we think that there is a mini beautician fairy inside the tube). The result is even, fresh-faced radiance. It doesn’t work best on very pale or dark skins so do test it out before committing to an expensive purchase.

Erborian CC HD cream is not cheap but it is a brilliant all-round face saver.

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  • Reply September 7, 2014

    Annet Beertsen

    Dear Trinny and Susannah,
    Instead of the expensive Erborian I use the cheaper, but not too cheap L’Oreal New Nude Magic CC cream. No protection against the sun, but a great, light cream that masks all blotches all day. God knows I need it.

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