How to Dress Your Brick Body Shape

brick bow small - trinny and susannah

Our reader Gabi had the chutzpah to ask: ‘what body shape am I?’ You answered, we answered, she’s a Brick. If you identify with Gabi’s body shape then this post is for you.

Oh boy! The Brick. What a tag. We tried, we struggled, we sweated over your name and the only other one that was instantaneously recognisable to us was Sponge Bob Square Pants. So, really be thankful for ‘the Brick’. Take comfort in the fact that the label is worse far than the reality. Pretty soon you will learn to love it just as you did your school nickname.

From behind you have a masculine shape. A boyish flat bum, no waist, straight up and down legs and broad shoulders (for more detail on the characteristics of a Brick body shape read our previous post).

You look powerful and strong, which is wonderful in the gym but not so lovely at a time when you want people to see your fragile side. In keeping with your masculine lines there’s a good chance that your clothes reflect your gender-bending backside. You no doubt feel it’s impossible to be waifish and you are right, it’s hard. But the thing you can do in spades is glamour. Look at Kim Cattrall or Jennifer Hudson – real Brick babes! They are alluring, charismatic and filled with confidence in the knowledge that have turned their geometric shape into something way beyond sensual.

kim cattrall - trinny and susannah

We cannot stress how much we want you to take on board our advice in this post. Do so and, more than any other shape, your transformation will be profound.

What not to wear

Anything square, like unstructured T-shirts or boxy jackets, will mirror your perpendicular body leaving you no possibility of working the art of magical illusion. Avoid short skirts that snare the widest part of your thigh and straight up and down tops that hit the same leg spot over formless trousers or – even more unspeakable – a long, straight skirt. If, on occasion, you feel that it’s de-rigueur to wear boots with a mini skirt, then on those occasions you really ought to be smeared with wet concrete and added to a new build apartment block. It’s such outfits that earned you the Brick label in the first place. Here are some garments to avoid:

  • Boxy jackets
  • Straight, short skirts
  • Stiff fabric in trousers
  • Clumpy, solid wedge shoes
  • Box pleats
  • Spaghetti strraps

How to flatter your brick body shape

When it comes to straight lines just say no. Follow instead the curvy path through life. Look for curved seams, sweetheart necklines, patterns that accentuate and decrease, curvy jewellery and curvy handbags.

A tank top is a must-have garment. It bites into your torso, carving an hourglass out of a square. Worn alone, a square shirt will make you appear boxy in the body. Remember to always allow knitted tops to fall in gentle folds at your waist rather than pulling them down to create another rigid shape.

You need as many tricks as possible to conjure up curves out of nowhere. Stripes can be quite magical. In uniform horizontal bands they tend to flatten and widen a body but vary the widths and spacing of the stripes and – alakazam! – they start creating all sorts of wonderful optical illusions.


Clever patterns can also create a curvaceous figure. Choose prints that vary in size and intensity to give an illusion of shading around your waist. Small ruffles are a great way to emphasise and soften your boobs.

patterned dress - trinny and susannah

You must never wear your trousers too tight as they will only show off the parts you love to hate.  Instead look out for a pair of super-wide leg trousers and wear them with a large wedge hidden underneath like a pair of concealed stilts.  Wide, relaxed sweat pants look great on you but the fabric must be thick enough to prevent any telltale cellulite showing through.

Key principles for dressing your brick body shape

  • Round, scooped necklines
  • Small ruffles or decorative detail around the neckline
  • Asymmetric gathers and knots
  • Soft, drapey fabrics
  • Gored skirts that will swish as you walk
  • Belts that tie or dresses with wrap-ties
  • Curvy shoes and handbags

So, you see, it is fabulous to be a brick, and so much fun to ramp up the glamour and play with your body shape.

Here are some garments that will work wonders for a Brick body shape:


  • Reply October 30, 2014

    Mieke Krijgsman

    Hi Trinny and Sussanah, I am loving your posts and learn so much of it. I can’t seem to work out my shape though myself and was wondering if I could send in some photo’s of myself to work out what it is ? I think I am a brick or an apple. Can’t make a decision. Please let me know if I can.
    Thanks so much

  • Reply November 1, 2014


    Great suggestions, thanks for showing photos of actual garments. I was confused, as I don’t look like your brick model in the book…didn’t know if the tops would suit my flatter chest. This is helpful.

    Question: In the book you say to wear 3/4 sleeves. But I have quite long, gangly arms. Long-sleeve shirts are never long enough, even when I order talls. When I wear 3/4 sleeves, they go up to my elbow. Yet I like my wrists, as they are quite slim (small boned). In fact, my wrists and my neck are my favorite body parts. Should I wear 3/4 sleeves anyway even though my arms look like I have a condor wingspan?

    Thanks ladies!

  • Reply October 19, 2016


    Hi, I have an apple shape now in mid-life but when I was younger I had the brick shape. I appreciate some of your advice, especially to avoid solid wedge shoes, works well for both shapes.


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