Culling Your Wardrobe #1

Clothing clutter must be culled!

Clothing clutter must be culled!

What does a quick peek inside your  wardrobe reveal? Rows of neatly hung garments that you wear every day because they flatter your form and make you look fabulous? Like hell you do. We know all about your secret stash of saggy-bummed trousers, holed jumpers, greying knickers, t-shirts that used to fit you, weird-coloured jackets and dresses that made you look stunning – when you were 21!

Hanging on to all that tat is keeping you stuck in a style vortex. Are you ready?


You will need:

1. A large, clear surface (like a double bed – and probably an area of floor space as well).

2. A mirror.

3. A roll of bin liners.

4. Your friend.

5. Nerves of steel.

Start removing everything from your wardrobe. As you go, sort garments into piles, as follows:

• Colour groups: reds; yellows; greens; blues; oranges; purples; white and beige; brown; grey; black. Prints can be piled in with whichever colour group is predominant in the pattern.

• Accessories: belts; scarves; tights; handbags and shoes.

 Come back soon for step 2…


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