Clothes Hangers for Pros

Messy clothes - trinny and susannah

Nothing will ruin clothes more quickly than keeping them on those wire hangers from the dry cleaners. Any knitted or jersey garments will develop unsightly ‘shoulder-wings’ whilst coats and jackets will become misshapen hunchbacks. Every time a garment crosses our threshold it is immediately transferred onto a fit-for-purpose hanger.

Not all clothes hangers are created equal!

satin padded hanger - Trinny and Susannah

* For knits, jersey, silk, chiffon and all delicates: padded satin hangers

pf_HAN056* For coats and jackets: hangers with wide shaped shoulders


* For heavy skirts: Hangers with padded clips (clips that don’t have padding make nasty bite marks in our skirts).


* For lightweight skirts: Hangers with slits for hanging loops

14968-brown-faux-leather-skirt-slack-hanger-by-organize-it-all_1_375* For trousers: clamp hangers (hang the trousers by their hems unless they are half-lined in which case they should be hung over the bar of a straight hanger

Wooden suit hanger with clamp

* For suits: Suit hangers with a clamp or padded clips

This might seem like you will need a lot of space but remember how few of your clothes you actually wear. Having a thorough cull will allow the garments you really love a chance to come into their own.

Cherish all you lovely clothes the same. Whether it came from Prada or Primark it deserves a decent clothes hanger.

To get you started, here are some great hangers from John Lewis:


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    Hi i am so pleased i have found You Trinny and Susannah You are such Babes and very sexy and Beautiful Women look after Yourselves best wishes

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    The best coathangers I have ever used are the velvet ones. Nothing falls off anymore. They are absolutely wonderful!

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    So here are some ideas that you will surely like to try. Back of Your Coat Closet for Hanging Scarves

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    Maggie Allen

    Thanks for sharing this awesome guide! I actually never knew too much about what different hangers are for, so it is nice seeing this to help me out. Now it makes sense why I have some hangers that are padded; those must have come with some of my fancier dresses or shirts. In the future, I’ll be sure to hang those on the correct ones. However, I think I might need a lot of those hangers with the slits for light skirts. Since I have quite a few summer skirts, those would be perfect!

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    Help, my boyfriend dresses abysmally, what can I do as he shows no interest in any clothes, I am at my wits end. Any advice gratefully received, please.

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