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Messy clothes - trinny and susannah

Clothes Hangers for Pros

Nothing will ruin clothes more quickly than keeping them on those wire hangers from the dry cleaners. Any knitted or jersey garments will develop…

The common clothes moth

How to Control Moths

Common clothes moths are golden in colour and look like tiny darts. Case-bearing clothes moths are a similar size and shape but grey-brown with…

PowaTag video trinny and susannah

Hello PowaTag, Goodbye Sore Feet

Shopping is part of our job but boy it is time consuming. And no matter how many lists Trinny makes, Susannah always forgets something….

We did a few makeovers on the plane (just joking)

Long Haul Flight Rituals

We have just survived another long haul flight – this time from London to Mumbai. After fifteen years of continent hopping we have our…

Culling Your Wardrobe #2

Since reading Culling Your Wardrobe – Part 1 you may have been living with several messy piles of garments on your bedroom floor. Good!…

Wet wipes

Without a Wet Wipe Never Be

If there is one thing we always have to hand it is a packet of wet wipes. For everything from sticky fingers to make-up…

Culling Your Wardrobe #1

What does a quick peek inside your ¬†wardrobe reveal? Rows of neatly hung garments that you wear every day because they flatter your form…