red lips trinny and susannah

Red Lips

Everybody loves the idea of red lips but we all need to find a way to do this dramatic look. I didn’t start wearing red…

How to fix thin lips - Trinny and Susannah

How to Make the Most of Thin Lips

‘Compare and despair’ the wise ones say, yet Susannah still can’t help, on occasion, comparing her thin lips to Trinny’s plump and pillowy kissers….

They're real mascara by Benefit

Bat Those Lashes – They’re Real Mascara

Susannah recently met a young girl with the most staggeringly long and luscious eyelashes. Falsies? ‘No’, she replied, ‘they’re real’! Her secret? Above. Susannah…

erborian CC cream

All Singing, All Dancing, Erborian CC HD Cream

Trinny and Erborian, sitting in a tree, k.i.s.s.i.n.g! Yes, it’s love. CC (Colour Correcting dontyaknow) creams are an inspired development in make-up. Rather than just…

no makeup makeup by susannah constantine trinny and susannah

Susannah’s Minimal Makeup Tutorial

With three kids in school and a hectic career Susannah has become an expert in speedy ‘no makeup’ application. “I start with a silky…

Skjermbilde 2013-10-03 kl. 21.14.39

Night Time Make Up the Easy Way

Applying makeup for a party can be scary. There is always the danger that you will go completely over-the-top and then spend the evening…

Judy Needs a Makeup Pick-Me-Up

Judy Paylor writes: Hi Ladies, I am looking for make up tips. I am a 68 year old white female stage 4 cancer survivor….