A New Cleansing Regime

A new cleansing regime, what a delight. Trinny spent the last two years using a sonic bristle brush to clean her skin with CosMedix Benefit Clean…

morning skincare routine - trinny and susannah

Morning Skincare Routines

Trinny and Susannah have very different skincare routines. Susannah likes to keep it simple. She exfoliates once a week and applies organic rose hip…

Facial massage derma roller - Trinny and Susannah

How to Use a Derma Roller

You may have had a professional facial involving the use of a derma roller and left the salon your face feeling fresh and alive….

Jeunesse Luminesce

Glowy Skin in a Bottle – Luminesce

Susannah is normally a cosmetic skeptic but now she is becoming a convert to Jeunesse Luminesce. Friends have been asking me how and why…

Henna crown - Trinny and Susannah

Becky’s Beautiful Henna Crown

Becky Clark was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and faced the going through the awful trio of treatments: surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. And, of…

tanned legs trinny and susannah

Summer Time and the Fake Tan is Easy

Summer promises to cast its blessings upon us sooooon. We dream of floaty dresses, white t-shirts, flip flops, bare legs… BARE LEGS. ‘Aaaaargh,’ we…

berry fruit salad trinny and susannah

Beauty Tip – Eat Yourself Gorgeous

Getting married next week but still recovering from your hen-night? Dr Nicholas Perricone recommends going a face saving diet for two to three days…

Face mask Trinny and Susannah

Miracle Face Mask

On the way to Cannes to meet the movers and shakers of the television world Trinny’s face was feeling as red and raw as…