Body Shapes

Cornet body shape Trinny and Susannah

Dresses for Your Cornet Body Shape

It’s quite possible that as a young girl you were a tomboy, climbing trees and sharing your brother’s clothes. Being one of the boys was…

Bell body shape Trinny and Susannah

Dresses for Your Bell Body Shape

In your teens and twenties you were a small lady with a nice round bottom. As the years have advanced so has your butt….

Pear shape Trinny and Susannah

Dresses for Your Pear Body Shape

For the holidays we bring you a gift… our best advice on how to choose a dress that will flatter and celebrate your body shape, always….

brick bow small - trinny and susannah

How to Dress Your Brick Body Shape

Our reader Gabi had the chutzpah to ask: ‘what body shape am I?’ You answered, we answered, she’s a Brick. If you identify with…

Body shapes - Trinny and Susannah

What Body Shape am I? The Answer

  In our last post we shared a letter from Gabi who asked, ‘what body shape am I?’ We challenged you to give your verdict and…

Triumph minimiser bra

A Great Bra to Contain Big Boobs

For decades it has been part of Susannah’s lot in life to quest for comfortable bras to contain her big boobs. Susannah says: I…

Keira Knightley gold dress trinny and susannah

Small Boobs are Beautiful Boobs

A surge in websites and Facebook groups like: Small Bust, Big Heart; Of Lambs and Lace and Small Boobs Rock just goes to show how…

Draping Trinny and Susannah

How to Hide Lumps and Bumps

Lumps and bumps! No matter where they appear on our bodies – be it our tummys, backs, hips, thighs or arms – they are…

post mastectomy dressing chikara designs

Post Mastectomy Style

Dear Trinny and Susannah, I’m a 36 year-old mother of two and I’m currently going through treatment for breast cancer. I’ve lost one breast…