How Can I Dress With Modest Style?


I would like your advice on how to dress modestly really well, as I am totally into colour and clothes but also have a strong faith.

To give you a picture:
I am a 26 year old, 5ft 3, size 8/10, bra size 34B, waist 27,  hips 37. I am white with fair skin, blue eyes, long dark blonde hair with light blonde highlights.

I use COLOUR and SHAPE of clothes and focus on my assets: WAIST, ANKLES, HAIR and generally being well in proportion (albeit a bit short!)

My faith: because I am a Christian I choose to dress modestly. Being that your body is a temple for the Lord we dress in a way to honour it.  In my faith we choose to wear skirts and dresses below the knee, minimum short sleeves and a neckline not showing cleavage.

But I am really into clothes and love to look good, and thought I would love to put it to you, Trinny and Susannah.

I really look forward to hearing from you!!

Ellie. xxxx

(I would think there are a lot of Muslim, Brethren girls, Christians and Jewish girls who would appreciate this kind of advice as modesty is something we have in common.)

Dear Ellie,

We recently filmed a show on exactly this topic, featuring an Orthodox Jewish brother and sister in Israel.

From your description, it sounds like you might be a Skittle or maybe a Pear shape. Whatever your religious values might be, for us its always about flattering your figure. As you don’t have a big bust and are bottom heavy we always advise that you make the most of great, unusual shoulder-broadening sleeves (such as flute, leg-o-mutton, puff etc). They look most flattering with a round neckline and a great big necklace on top.

A huge statement necklace will be a key piece for you. It will instantly add panache to a plain, sober dress. Even though you are petite, there is no reason not wear a wonderful textured necklace. It is also a great way to cover your upper chest if you are wearing, say, an open-necked shirt or scooped neckline. Another way is to use a long, light, silk scarf wrapped around and then tied in a huge floppy bow at the front.

A crisp, white shirt often looks great if worn under a short-sleeved or sleeveless dress.

Tulip and A-line skirts are great, because they will further accentuate your tiny waist, and you can winch them in with fun-coloured stretchy belts. It can be tricky at times to find skirts and dresses below the knee. At such times a great trick is to wear a heavy lace or net petticoat that is longer than the skirt – so that it just peeks out and covers your knees.

Print is very fashionable right now but, because you are petite, veer towards the smaller prints.  You can contrast them as long as the print size and base colours remain the same.
We love sequins to jazz up your top half and reflect flattering light onto your face. Don’t be afraid to wear them in the day, perhaps layered under an old favourite jacket that has seen better days – you can cut the arms off to the jacket to reveal the sequins.

But it sounds like you are already on the right track with your use of COLOUR and SHAPE to focus on your best assets. Thank you for your question Ellie. It will, as you say, help many women with a modest approach to dressing.LoveTrinny & Susannah xp.s. Was this photo taken on your wedding day? You look so beautiful!

p.p.s. Modest looks are very much in vogue right now! We suggest you stock up this season.


Do you have experience of issues to do with dressing modestly, yet stylishly? Tell us about it, below.


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    I too wear modest clothing but live in a hot climate. Any advice on what to wear that covers but looks fab>??

    • Reply May 1, 2014


      Hi Heather,
      I generally wear pure breathable cloth for summers that drapes well.nothng too fitting but tailored well. Hope that helps..wearing cotton shirt dresses with capri pants or straight pants works very well for me at work where I want to be more structured and professional yet have the luxury of gorgeous tailoring and cloth….
      Hope this helps

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    Dearest Trinney and Susanah,
    I have always watched your show wherever I have been in the world and now when I wear anything I always wonder if you will give me a nod and a smile. I wish you lived closer so we could meet for coffee and I could really discuss how my life has revolved around dressing for my body and embracing my shape, so much so that now I have no qualms of showing my curves off. I am so aware of what looks good on me and I am so relieved that because of you and my own evolution, I am so not a slave to the trend. I am a Muslim girl so have to wear modest clothes but I actually love the glamour of the almost nun like feel of valentino like cuts. I almost feel like I know you two. Wish we could meet.
    be safe you two. May you keep succeeding at what ur doing. I have been following your lives so I know you fell on hard times. So did I and knowing that you carried on with grace was a big thing.i am a mother of 2 and 35 now. N I feel fab mashAllah. Not cz I look the best but b cz I am in control. Mind you the days I am in my scruffs, I do wonder if you met me would you know this is an off day look.
    do I sound like a stalker? Haha.
    Just want you to know that you women touch lives.
    keep rocking chicas. ..

  • Reply March 26, 2015


    What would you recommend for a plus size cello who wants to be modest? I am a mama of soon to be 4 and find it difficult to find flattering tops. I am usually breastfeeding or pregnant last five years and no longer wear pants. So it’s usually skirts and tops, but find tops difficult to find long enough or flattering. Everything seems to be tent like, no thank you! Advice for maternity fashion choices welcome too!
    Either way thank you for this post. It is so encouraging to see fashion minded young women promoting modesty in young ladies! As a mama of soon to be 4 girls I want my girls to enjoy clothing and dressing well, but be modest in their approach!

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