Brighten Up Your Face With Vitamin C Serum

Jan Marini C-ESTA SerumVitamin C is the miracle vitamin, renowned for warding off everything from colds to scurvy. Did you know that, applied topically, vitamin C also helps to reduce pigmentation caused by sun damage?

Whilst there are endless potions in the shops that scream VITAMIN C in large letters it is actually tricky to find a really good product. This is because vitamin C is inherently unstable and difficult to absorb. Jan Marini’s C-Esta serum  delivers all the benefits of vitamin C along with a collagen-boosting shot of DMAE.  The vitamin C is in a very stable form and is also lipid soluble, so it will penetrate your skin in a relatively high concentration.

Always a big fan of Jan Marini’s cutting-edge approach to skincare, Trinny is a complete convert to C-Esta serum. She uses it daily to help keep those age spots at bay!


  • Reply November 21, 2013


    I’ve used Vitamin C serum for years & Vitamin C cleansers. I can attest that it truly works at keeping your skin looking young and glowing. It works.

    • Reply November 21, 2013


      It truly is good stuff! x

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