Black, Black, How to Wear Black

As the nights grow longer and winter darkness surrounds us many women tend to reach for black. Black feels easy. Black feels safe. The only problem is that, unless handled with a bit of skill, black can be both draining and ageing.

The issue arises from the fact that black is not a colour. It is an absence of colour. Black absorbs light like a… a black hole! If you’re feeling a touch washed out to begin with, black will only increase your pallor and exacerbate any dark circles under your eyes. So, when wearing black, start by applying makeup that brings colour back to your face – just a touch of blusher and bronzer will do the trick – and use a light reflecting cover-up under your eyes. Another great strategy is to add some sparkle by including sequins in your outfit. Here, Trinny wears a sequinned top. You could equally go for a black jacket or dress that includes sequins on the fabric.

It’s all about finding some light in the blackness.

Here are some great ways to mix black with sequins.

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