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letter-writingWe get letters from ladies (and blokes) all over the world asking for our advice on how to look and feel fabulous. We cannot answer every one but we will choose one star letter each week (or thereabouts – filming schedules permitting) and then give that person our undivided attention!

Many of you ask similar questions so please do check out our FAQs before you write.

In order to consider your question we need you to tell us about yourself: who you are, where you live, your age, and a bit about your life as well as your particular issue. We need to see what you are asking us about too, so please attach reasonable quality photos that describe your issue or, alternatively, send a link to a YouTube video.

You must also be prepared to have your question and your picture or video published on this site and other Trinny & Susannah media and to peacefully tolerate the comments and opinions of  readers, serene in the knowledge that, by asking your question, you have also helped many who may be wondering the same thing but don’t have the courage to ask.

So, if you have a style dilemma, a beauty quandary or a thorny lifestyle issue, ask away.

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