About Us

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We are Trinny & Susannah.

Our mission is to make every woman feel better about herself.

Our method is the makeover.

We aim to teach women to learn to love themselves from the outside in, to look better and to feel empowered. Although influenced by fashion, we never compromise a woman’s individuality by being slaves to fashion. It is our purpose that, after going through the Trinny & Susannah process, each woman discovers a newfound feeling of confidence and self worth.

We first got together in 1994 to write Ready to Wear, a newspaper column in The Daily Telegraph, which ran for seven years. This established our reputation as no nonsense, yet objective and honest interpreters of fashion and beauty.

In 2000 we began our TV careers at the BBC with the groundbreaking show What Not to Wear.  This show ran for five series, has been transmitted across the globe and has had an audience of over 20 million women in 31 countries.

In 2006 we moved to ITV where we made three original series: Undress, The Great British Body and Trinny & Susannah Meet Their Match.

Then we successfully launched online with the ‘mockumentary’ serial Trinny and Susannah – What They Did Next. This spoof show was subsequently aired on Channel 4 with the title From Boom to Bust.

In the USA we have been regular contributors on Oprah and our show Making over America, aired on TLC.

Our current TV show Trinny and Susannah – The Makeover Mission is filmed and aired in twelve countries around the world, generating an audience of twenty-two million viewers.

Having introduced women of the world to the concept of magic knickers, we went on to create our very own range of shape wear: Trinny and Susannah – the Original Magic Knickers.  This amazing underwear miraculously transforms every woman’s body by helping to hold in wobbly tummies, lift boobs and flatten bulging thighs. We are immensely proud to say that these are the most advanced products on the market – and you can buy them right here.

In our spare time we have also written eleven style self-help books that have been published in fifteen countries around the world.

All of this doesn’t feel like work to us – because we love what we do!

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