A New Cleansing Regime


A new cleansing regime, what a delight.

Trinny spent the last two years using a sonic bristle brush to clean her skin with CosMedix Benefit Clean cleanser in the morning and Sarah Chapman cleanser with a flannel at night. Although the sonic brush really cleaned my skin, I was always aware that I was leaving bacteria on the bristle however much I cleaned the sonic head.

Bristles VS Silicone

Unlike bristles, silicone is nonporous so it is resistant to bacteria buildup, doesn’t absorb dirt and oil, is easy to clean and quick-drying for an ultra-hygienic, facial-cleansing device. Silicone is also not only body-safe and hypoallergenic, but gentle on the skin thanks to its soft, smooth and nonabrasive texture.

A few weeks ago she discovered the Foreo silicone brush and it has changed our skin and our life.

How does it work?

The device pushes direct pulsations through a silicone brush. Up to 8,000 of these fabulous sonic pulsations are channelled through your skin every minute using their clever silicone touch-point to remove all the dead skin, unclog your pores, and clean away any make up residue. Trinny uses it in the shower, as it’s totally water proof, and best of all she doesn’t have to replace any brushes.

What is T-sonic technology?

T-Sonic™ technology delivers far more effective deep cleansing than just using  your hands. This is because the fingers, in addition to often having oil, dirt, bacteria and other contaminants on them,  cannot cleanse the pores as deeply as the machine or remove dead skin cells.


What else is it good for?

Trinny also uses it after she applies her day serum, and night time regime to penetrate the product further into my skin. Instead of rubbing my hands over my face, this ingenious tool does not pull on my skin as it glides across sending those magical sonic pulses into my skin, and making my products penetrate deeper into my skin.
The range comes in a number of sizes. She personally likes the mini version, as it’s easily transportable, you can recharge the device on your laptop or any USB charger, and it lasts for weeks before recharging.

Read more at http://www.boots.com/en/The-Foreo-Luna-mini_1502038#XLoIkkt4Ief3Um1r.99

This gem would totally be a perfect gift for a friend – or even better – for yourself.

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