How to fix thin lips - Trinny and Susannah

How to Make the Most of Thin Lips

‘Compare and despair’ the wise ones say, yet Susannah still can’t help, on occasion, comparing her thin lips to Trinny’s plump and pillowy kissers….

sequin trousers - trinny and susannah

How to Wear Sequin Trousers

For those of us that don’t have legs like a racehorse, wearing sequin trousers has seemed like an impossible fantasy. Dream no more! Trinny shows…

Facial massage derma roller - Trinny and Susannah

How to Use a Derma Roller

You may have had a professional facial involving the use of a derma roller and left the salon your face feeling fresh and alive….

Have a Look glasses Trinny Woodall

Reading Glasses for Every Occasion

When we launched our latest Makeover Mission in Denmark, Danish style duo Mette Wotkjær and Christina Kattrup Schrøder came to interview and photograph Trinny at her house…

Jeunesse Luminesce

Glowy Skin in a Bottle – Luminesce

Susannah is normally a cosmetic skeptic but now she is becoming a convert to Jeunesse Luminesce. Friends have been asking me how and why…

Messy clothes - trinny and susannah

Clothes Hangers for Pros

Nothing will ruin clothes more quickly than keeping them on those wire hangers from the dry cleaners. Any knitted or jersey garments will develop…